Zaze started rapping in 2001 when he formed A-Fam with a couple of friends in high school, Flex (Now Flex The Antihero) and Theory. Zaze and Flex then ventured off with fellow hip hop artists K-Stu and Peter Jackson in 2005, to become 90Nickel Entertainment. 90Nickel Entertainment is now one of the most outstanding entertainment companies to come out of Durham region and Canada.

Zaze has played over 250 shows across Canada since 2005, as 90Nickel and as a solo artist. Touring with many different hip hop acts, such as; Busta Rhymes, Naughty By Nature, Tech N9ne and Insane Clown Posse just to name a few. To this day Zaze has released over 4 mix tapes and 3 albums, His latest mix tape installment “Industry Highjacking Volume 2: Bars Edition” displayed his abilities to the fullest with non-stop bars, different style flows, and lyricism with wit and relevance to his thoughts and views on everything this world has to offer. Zaze has over 10 music videos to date with 4 of them coming off of IHJ Vol.2:Bars Edition. Zaze has also recently released his brand new single “State Of Mind” as of May 2018 on all major digital platforms.

Zaze is a true hip hop artist who believes that there is no need to sugar coat your music or the message you wish to say to become more radio friendly or politically correct. He will not compromise who he is, which is a huge part of what sets him apart from most hip hop artists today. You can find his music on all major digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Google Play, Amazon, Youtube, Tidal, plus many more.